Our Surgeons

Orthopaedic Experts

Orthopaedics involves the diagnosis, treatment and repair of the body's skeletal system along with the associated muscles and ligaments. Helping your joints and spine function properly is key to mobility and maintaining your quality of life. Let the joint replacement and orthopaedic specialists at Advanced Surgery Center keep your moving parts moving well with solutions including knee replacement, hip replacement, shoulder surgery, arthroscopic surgery and more – all within a friendly, outpatient setting more comfortable than a traditional hospital. 

Hand Experts Experts

If compressed nerves or repetitive movement injuries are limiting your movement or causing discomfort, it’s time to see the physicians at Advanced Surgery Center. We utilize minimally invasive surgery techniques like arthroscopy to help provide excellent results with less recovery time. Don’t live with pain or numbness in your hands or shoulders when the carpal tunnel and orthopedic specialists at Advanced Surgery Center can diagnose and treat the issue with convenient same-day outpatient options.

Podiatry Experts

The health of your feet and ankles can have a profound effect on your quality of life. Foot pain can make even routine daily activities difficult. The foot and ankle specialists at Advanced Surgery Center have years of experience identifying the underlying problems and getting our patients back on their feet. Whether you suffer from bunions, heel pain, corns, hammertoes, nail problems, numbness or a host of other foot and ankle concerns, trust the experienced physicians at Advanced Surgery Center.

Pain Management Experts

The physicians at Advance Surgery Center can provide interventional pain management using some of the latest and most advanced solutions available. While not every underlying cause of pain can be fixed, interventional pain management can often help relieve the associated pain. For chronic lower back and neck pain, muscle and bone pain, or other chronic pain, you can turn to the physicians of Advanced Surgery Center for relief.