hip surgery

Hip Impingement Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

2022-08-15T21:51:57+00:00Orthopedic, Pain Management|

Your hips play an important role in walking and transferring the force and weight of the upper body to the pelvis down to the legs. When something happens in one or both of the hip joints it can cause significant pain, impede your natural range of motion and have a [...]

Hip Replacement Surgery FAQ Guide. Symptoms, Procedure & Risks

2022-08-15T21:54:11+00:00Orthopedic, Pain Management|

Arthritis, pelvic fractures, and trauma to the upper femur can sometimes complicate the once normal function of the hip joint. Discomfort, inflammation, and pain in the hip can do more than just make it hard to put on your shoes or pick something up off the floor. It can severely [...]

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