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Hip Replacement Surgery FAQ Guide. Symptoms, Procedure & Risks

2022-08-15T21:54:11+00:00Orthopedic, Pain Management|

Arthritis, pelvic fractures, and trauma to the upper femur can sometimes complicate the once normal function of the hip joint. Discomfort, inflammation, and pain in the hip can do more than just make it hard to put on your shoes or pick something up off the floor. It can severely [...]

Herniated Disk Symptoms & Treatment Options

2022-08-15T21:54:16+00:00Orthopedic, Pain Management|

Your spine is made up of a complex network of muscles, connective tissues, nerves, bones, and cartilage. The vertebrae of each bone in the spine and neck are cushioned by small, durable cartilage disks that help cushion the bone and help with flexibility. These cartilage discs are round with a [...]

Best Exercises to Help with Joint Pain & Stiffness

2022-08-15T21:54:32+00:00Pain Management|

Joint pain, swelling, and stiffness can seriously hamper your quality of life. Some conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and inflammatory conditions might call for routine exercises and activities to help lessen symptoms. Though even perfectly healthy people can still benefit from taking the time to perform some basic stretches and [...]

Ankle Pain Causes & Treatment Options

2022-08-15T21:54:38+00:00Pain Management, Podiatry|

The human ankle is a complex joint that bears a lot of weight. It also serves as the primary connection between the lower leg and the foot. This means it is made up of a lot of complex structures, including ligaments, multiple bones, and connective tissues, as well as important [...]

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